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COVID Chronicles: What Week?

I lost the plot, isolation madness got forked, had human contact, and ate surprisingly healthy for once.

How do you tell the difference between I’m having a breakdown and therefore not getting anything done and I’m not getting anything done, which is causing me to have a breakdown?

It's been a week and a half. Either writing this journal is just the billionth thing on top of my endless to-do list that’s causing me to blue screen OR writing this journal is a vital step on the path to a successful daily routine that could prevent me from going into critical failure.

Being able to tell the difference between those two things is either an art or a science. Possibly both.

Let's attempt a weekly update instead of a daily one and see how that works itself out.

It’s not like I had anything brilliant to say anyway. I’m living alone and not watching the news. My updates are that the forest tried to attack me and my neighbor continues to chop wood in the middle of the night while playing heavy metal.

Anyway, here’s what you missed in the past week and a half:

We launched the podcast, we branded the podcast, we finalized color palettes for the podcast! Victory is ours. The lead up to launch wasn't overflowing with sleep and there was some miscalculation on how long the videos would take to export and also upload. But we made it in the end. In retrospect, this is where the journal entry updates began to fall apart.
Next, was the immediate follow-up episode at the end of the week. Again, beginning to see where my time prioritization went. That Petite was all about Coronavirus so if you’re reading this shit, you should probably be listening to that shit.
After that, I took a day off. Which turned into a long weekend...and was followed up with a moment of self-psychoanalysis. Revelations: I don’t enjoy things that I can't multitask, it stresses me out to only do one thing at a time. I think that says good and bad things about my mental state and work ethic.
Then there was a period of intense emailing, continued internships, organizing my life, planning the next big project, beginning a successful workout routine, AND three days of D&D. I joined a new campaign, which was vital and necessary and I, of course, had plenty of time to fit it into my schedule. I might make an entire update on my character, who knows. I got a lot of drawing in and worked through a commission. NOT TOTALLY A WASTE.
Finally broke down and had to go to the grocery store again. We've upgraded to a 100 person maximum per store. Had to queue, don't know if the ride was worth the wait, Disneyland, but there were plenty of oranges.
Thursday. 09.04.2020. Apparently there’s a severe thunderstorm warning with a slight chance of tornados. Great. That’s why I live in Massachusetts. For the tornadoes.

Guess what. It's that time of year.

Easter may be a bullshit holiday BUT it is the time of the Reese's egg thank god. I've never had a Reese's with Reese's pieces inside it and let me just say that my review is HOLY FUCK. For actual Easter, my aunt visited and stayed overnight. I know what you're thinking, 'ooohhh sleepover.' And you're right, we partied hard (read: went grocery shopping and ordered Chinese food). Circumstances may be bizarre but that didn't stop us from baking the fuck out of a frittata and some bomb ass roasted sweet potatoes. There were walks, I didn't overeat, and I finally got to use my fancy Swedish champagne flutes.
She had champagne, I had iced almond milk matcha. Glorious.
On the list of rediscovering music from the 2010s is the artist of the week: Red. And the song of the week: Sign by Flow.

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